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If you’ve got an A. Fox Photography session coming up, you’re probably wondering-… what do I wear? To help you answer this important question I have written a trifecta of blog posts to put your mind at ease with helpful tips to get ready for your photo shoot.

The big question: What should you wear? When you book an equine session with AFP we will typically have about 2 hours scheduled, which means that you have the time to be photographed in two  to four different outfits.

This is great news

  1. You don’t have to choose just one outfit!
  2. You’ll have the time to show off your style with a few different looks and
  3. If your mom wants the nice jeans and button up shirt but you want to wear a nice, flowing dress, we’ve got this covered!

What you wear for these different looks though, depends completely on your own unique personal style.

The most important thing is that you love how you look and that you’re comfortable in your chosen outfits. If you have purchased an outfit that you don’t love and will never wear again, it will sit in your closet until you have your yearly Goodwill run and you probably won’t end up loving your images.

Wear what you LOVE! Each look should answer the questions; “Is this something I love wearing and feel good in?” and “Is this outfit something I will wear again?” If the answer is no, it probably isn’t an appropriate choice for your photo session.

Dress for the weather. What if you have a favorite summer dress but it is late October. There is a lush, soft cashmere sweater sitting in your closet that you LOVE but its the middle of July!

Dress for success. Making unsuitable clothing choices will not only  make you miserable but every time you look at your images you will remember how miserable you were! So make sure your outfits work well for the season and weather.

Cold Weather Putting up with a little cold for great photos is one thing, but you do not want to be miserable. Pick out a winter outfit that will help keep you warm and that has multiple layers so that if you get hot you can take off a vest or cardigan.

Bonus: it will also allow us to get a different look for your images! Just be careful of anything too bulky that won’t be flattering.

Summer Weather Summer is HOT and sticky in the midwest. So if it’s summer, go ahead and rock that light summer outfit.

Consider your riding discipline when picking out your outfits. You don’t necessarily have to wear your show clothes or exactly what you wear for daily riding, but it’s a great way to let your riding discipline inspire one of your outfits.

English riders wear your breeches, boots, a nice button up top and a blazer or you riding boots with a good pair of breeches and a stylish top for a slightly fancier English-inspired look.

Western Riders show off your inner (and outer) cowboy with your clothing choices! Wearing your jeans, cowboy boots, hat and belt buckle paired with a nice patterned or solid shirt is always a nice way  togo.

Do you want to be able to ride in your outfit? If you want images of you on your horse, it’s important to think about what will look good while you are mounted. Comfortable outfits look good on horseback. Make it simple and easy to move in. When picking an outfit make sure to pick something that will allow you to actually get on your horse!

Boots, heels or bear feet? This is a very important factor. Please don’t show up to your session looking fabulous from the ankles up! Your feet will be in the images! Several of my clients have rocked boots, wedges, heels, flats and bear feet. Mounting isn’t always graceful in heels and wedges but bring a pair of flats for getting on and then you can change them for the shoes you want in your images, once you’re on your horse.

Thinking on a “grand” scale Going all out with a fancy outfit or even a wedding dress is always a fun outfit to choose! This won’t apply to everyone OR EVERY HORSE! If you want a super fancy outfit for images with your horse, then don’t be afraid to go all out! A gorgeous evening gown, or  wedding dress, paired with a horse can make for some truly stunning photographs. However, some horses find this type of  outfit a bit offensive! Please make sure your horse will be ok with your “grand” idea!

Accessories are fun! Hats of any kind, necklaces, scarves, earrings, belt buckles, flowers the list goes on… and these are very easy to change out to bring a new look each time!

Looking for even more outfit inspiration for your A. Fox Photography session? I’ve got several Pinterest boards dedicated to what to wear. I’m always pinning my own photos and others too!

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