What should I expect?

Your session will take approx. 1-2 hours shoot time and allows for up to three outfit changes. Full editing and enhancement of images. 3-5 select images will be put on Facebook and my blog these are for you to use on social media.

How far in advance should I book my session?

I often book 1-2 months in advance. However, I do my best to accommodate immediate needs. Please feel free to contact me for availability.

What is the "free travel zone"?

*Free travel “Zone” – location sessions outside of the 40 mile radius of 64080 will occur additional travel fees of $0.47 per mile.

The Free Travel Zone radius in Missouri INCLUDES but is not limited to,

Harrisonville, Archie, Adrian, Butler, Clinton, Belton, Raymore, Peculiar, Holden, Warrensburg, Lee’s Summit, Lone Jack, Columbus, Independence, Blue Springs, Higginsville, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, KCMO, North KCMO, Parkville

The Free Travel Zone radius in Kansas INCLUDES but is not limited to KCK, Olathe, Overland Park, Louisburg, Bucyrus, Paola, Desoto, Gardner, Edgerton, Osawatomie and Linn Valley

** Contact me if you are unsure whether you fit into the Free Travel Zone.

What happens if it's raining the day of my session?

The “Great Midwest Weather” – or not so great at times! We can’t predict the weather in advance and a miserable, rainy or brutally hot day will put a damper on your photo session. In the event of horrible weather/rain/flooding your session may be re-scheduled. Sessions will go ahead if it is cloudy! I will contact you as early as possible if it becomes necessary to postpone the session to another time.

What should I wear?

Once you book your session with me I will send you my custom style guide! This guide is filled with lots of useful information! However, I try to encourage my clients to wear something ‘smart casual’ for the first part of the photo shoot and then something that will give a bit of WOW factor for the second half of the shoot.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full at time of booking with the exception on the Mini Barn Sessions. Please contact me for details on this.

What if I don't have a nice barn for backdrops?

Most of my sessions are at the barn/home where your horse is located. I prefer to stay where the horse is familiar and comfortable. It helps give the session a more relaxed and natural feel. Don’t worry if you don’t think your barn is a good place for a backdrop, we can work together to find the perfect locations! If you do want to haul to an off site location please contact me to discuss this.


Bridle, Halter, Saddle?

All of the above! We will start out with the halter then work to the bridle and saddle.  When considering what you want your horse to be photographed in please make sure it is well cleaned. Dirt shows in your images! Choose a black or brown  halter and a black, brown or neutral color lead. We don’t wanna florescent green lead line distracting from the main subjects of the images!

Should I work my horse before the session?

Yes! Horses seem to know that this is a “special occasion”! They get more energy infant of the camera. Lunge or ride your horse before you start to get them ready.

What if my horse isn't behaving well?

 It’s not a problem! Most horses will drag you to the tastiest looking grass, slobber on your carefully chosen outfit, attempt to eat the tree branches you are posing under or head butt you when you go in for the all important kiss. They’re horses and that doesn’t change just because you booked a session and want it to be perfect.
We will work with whatever they are comfortable with, keep them moving if they are fidgety and be aware of when they are getting bored.

Should I clip, trim or bath my horse?

Yes, take the time to go the extra mile for your session. Bath your horse. Clip your horse if you want them clipped and trim in your images. Clipping is not mandatory, this is your session after all!

Once you book a session with me I will send you my Horse Guide. This goes over a few tips and tricks to getting your horse looking sparkling!

Should I put oil, makeup or hoof polish on my horse?

This is up to you. However if you choose to use oil or makeup on your horse please use about half of what you would use for a show. A little goes a LONG way and too much makes your horse look very unnatural in your images. Applying hoof polish is personal preference as well. I have a trick for keeping hoof polish clean in my Horse Guide that you’ll receive once you have booked your session.

Can I bring someone to help me?

Yes by all means please do! A parent or best friend to help with your horse so you can keep clean if a great idea!

What is I have a prop I want to use?

Props are great! They add variety to your images. Flowers, a hat, chairs and even ladder are all great props to use. If you have something in mind let me know so we can discuss it!


When will I get my images back?

Your images will be available on a private viewing gallery on my website 2-5 weeks after your session. I will send you an email when they are up!

Do I get any images with my session?

I will put up between 3-5 special sized images on Facebook, Instagram and my blog. These are free for you to use on you social media platforms with credit given the A. Fox Photography. Printing and promotional use of these images is not allowed.

Can I order my printed images from you?

Yes I offer a wide variety of professionally printed package options, gallery wraps (canvasses) prints and images on a USB. These options are located on the Sessions page under the session package options.

Can I use my images on social media?

I will put up between 3-5 special sized images on Facebook, Instagram and my blog. These are free for you to use on you social media platforms with credit given the A. Fox Photography. Printing and promotional use of these images is not allowed.

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