My name is Alisha. I’m an equine photographer, a horse addict and a story teller in the Kansas City and the surrounding areas,who photographs horses and their humans.

Horses have always been part of my life and I’ve been passionate about photography ever since I held my first camera.

I have lived in Missouri and Arizona for most of my life. During my riding career I have trained horses, taught riding, gone through levels of USPC and I studied in England for two years while earning my British Horse Society certifications. My family’s horses have encompassed everything from thoroughbreds to Polish imported Arabians, a Canadian National Champion Dressage horse to Quarter Horses, ponies and even a Percheron.

Living in Sedona, AZ provided me with endless opportunities to capture moments through the lens of my Nikon. I love capturing a moment and freezing it forever. Photography is my passion.


My mom, Barbara is a riding instructor/trainer and my Dad, Rick was an eventer, so the business of horses is in my blood. I spent a lot of time in the United Sates Pony Club and was always the on-site photographer for the events, when I wasn’t competing. I opted to move to the UK to train at Talland School of Equitation, gaining my British Horse Society Instructors Levels.

I’m obsessed with off the track Thoroughbreds, and by default bays with huge blazes.

I grew up with my mom as my instructor and under her guidance I learned a very solid balanced seat, however in England, I spent a lot of time training as a dressage rider. I am getting back into Jumping and Eventing and someday I would love to sit on a cutting horse! You can’t get that “perfect step” feeling any other place than on horseback. Those special moments are ones that a rider never forgets.

I love the smell when you walk into the barn just as the sun is coming up and I love the sound of happy horses munching on hay on a cool crisp fall evening!


I consider myself truly lucky to have found something in my life that combines my two passions and allows me to do what I love. Our memories, moments, feelings, emotions are precious and each individual story deserves to be told. I love being able to provide an avenue for owners to celebrate their equine partnerships. I’m honored when you trust me with this responsibility!

I began my love affair with photography in high school, although my instructors were obviously not horse lovers. I remember being told that I was not allowed to photograph anything equine for my final. I was horrified but passed anyway.

Life as an equine photographer is amazing. I get to meet wonderful people who love amazing horses and help them to preserve special memories. A portrait of you and your horse only freezes one moment of time but it can trigger happy memories that you will keep for a lifetime.

I enjoy the effects of shooting in dawn and evening light. I believe that black and white photography is stunning.

The lights of my life

Jackson- My first OTTB. Responsive and hot natured, Jackson taught me patience and sensitivity. Jackson is retired, except for occasional rides to keep him happy.

Bow- My second OTTB. Special and laid back, Bow has taught me about partnership and perseverance. Bow entered my life with issues and each bit of ground we gain in his training is won through patience and creativity. Bow causes me to keep an open mind and to always search for solutions.

Lewis- My Irish Sport Horse baby was born in the spring of 2015. Lewis has added a new level to my life and I’m excited about the things he will teach me.

My 3 insane dogs- Henry, Cody and Diesel. I come from a family that loves horses and dogs and can’t imagine ever living without a canine buddy to keep me company. My Mom says I’m not allowed to go to animal shelters anymore because I always bring a new four footed friend home.

Your Story

I love it when clients are imaginative with their outfits and accessories, putting effort into being creative with their own style for a photo shoot.

Talk with me about your ideas for a photo shoot that shows the world the amazing individuals you and your horse are.

Each partnership has a story to tell that is all their own. I have had horses in my life since before I was born. They have shaped my life, impacted my friendships, my work, and played a huge role in my values and character… There is not a part of my life that has been untouched by horses and I know many horse owners feel the same.

As your photographer I know you want your best friend’s personality and character to be captured in a way that shows who they are. Memorializing your horse is a responsibility I take seriously. When you look at the images we create together, I want you to fall in love with your horse all over again. I want to capture the hoof prints your horse left on your heart.

Thank you for taking the time to visiting my website. I look forward to meeting you, and discussing the possibilities for telling the story of you and your horse.