I’m Alisha. I’m a middle school teacher by day, a passionate  photographer by night and an Equine enthusiast always.

I didn’t always want to be a teacher, yet I always was one. I taught my first horseback riding lesson almost 20 years ago. Throughout my equine life I have trained horses, taught riding, gone through levels of United States Pony Club and I studied in England for two years while earning my British Horse Society certifications.

Currently I am working towards my BS in middle school English. I chose to travel and use my horse background in England while most twenty somethings are finishing their Masters degrees!





My Family

We are a weird mess of a family. My parents love hard and fully
and passed that onto me. They have always supported my goals,
dreams and passions… even when they are a bit far fetched!

My Dogs

Henry– A rescue pup. Who talks like we can carry on a conversation.
Bailey- A Goldie, who I have grand plans for… one day.
I would love her to learn how to be a classroom therapy dog.
After a year she is still in the puppy phase but I see hope!

I have a small coffee addiction…
but I am trying to lessen in and broaden my tastebuds to tea as well!

I have a passion and a love for teaching.
I have taught horseback riding for 20+ years.
I am in school to teach English to Middle Schoolers
and I plan on doing both for a very long time!

My Horses!

Jackson– My first Off The Track Thoroughbred. Now retired, Jackson taught me patience and sensitivity.
Bow- My second OTTB.
Special and laid back, Bow has taught me about partnership and perseverance. Bow entered my life with issues and each bit of ground we gain in his training is won through patience and creativity. Bow causes me to keep an open mind and to always search for solutions.
Lewis– born in the spring of 2015, a total and complete surprise.  Lewis has added a new level to my life and I’m excited about the things he will teach me.

I lived in England for 2+ years and fell in love with traveling! Traveling out of the country for an extended time might not be possible anymore. But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be visiting every state park that I can find from coast to coast!

I love to read and listen to audio books (a 1.5 hour comment to work)! I am a dystopian lover, historical fiction and all things Y.A. are my reads.
A few of my all-time favorites include – Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson and her newest books Dance of Thieves and Vow of Thieves still my heart for top 5!